Technical Series Wayfinding Manual

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New South Wales


Health Infrastructure NSW




In collaboration with Jacobs, ID LAB set out to write a Wayfinding for Healthcare Facilities Manual that different groups could pick up and use right away, at any stage in a project.

Critical to the success of the manual is shifting the focus on signage to looking at wayfinding behaviour and how legible environments can support navigation. Starting at the planning phase, the document describes a process for developing usability and legibility, rather than a predefined outcome for it.

This allows designers more flexibility to adjust to the peculiarities of their site and demographics, while its broad approach will mean that designs can be optimised based on the latest research and best practices, rather than being stuck at the date it was written. The document contains a number of checklists for different phases of the project, letting teams work through the complex process of developing a wayfinding strategy and understand what is required at each point.